About Me

Let me introduce myself.

I am a photographer from Heraklion Crete in Greece.I was always interested in photography but 2 years ago,I decided to become  a professional photographer.What triggered me ,was the fact that,I love photography and I dedicate a lot of time in discovering new places and in designing ways and techniques I will follow for my photographs.

“Preparing the best shot”

At the moment I’m working with the awesome “me ,myself and I” team.Many times even months of organisation are needed in order to visit a place and find the most suitable way to capture it.

“Kind of photographs”

From all types of photography,I focus more on landscape,travel and nature photography.I’m very passionate about landscapes and  this is the reason why,I dedicate  most of my time and energy to landscape photography.

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“Let´s talk”

I am always looking for new challenges and interesting projects.
I’d love to say hello


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