Equipment List for a Photographic Trip to Iceland Part ii (Tripod-Filters-Bags-Accessories)

Equipment List for a Photographic Trip to Iceland Part ii (Tripod-Filters-Bags-Accessories)


Essential for long exposures and getting crisp, sharp images.Do not buy a cheap tripod because in the end you will pay more and especially in Iceland you need a very stable tripod.The tripod is the lifeline of your camera. It is important that your tripod is steady and can deal with the rugged and outdoor environment. Remember, you wouldn’t want your thousand dollars camera in the hands of a cheap tripod.

I highly recommend the tripod BENRO A-4580F for extreme outdoor environment with maximum Load 20 kg.




A second tripod is Manfrotto Tripod MT293A3  which can be used as a backup.





The following are the recommended types of filters to get the best result at all situations.




Circular Polarizing filter (CPL) – these are used to boost saturation and also in order to enhance reflections or remove flares/ glares.





10 stops Neutral Densities (ND) – This type of filters is available in the form of screw in  or slot in system filter. These are used for long exposure effects as they provide a misty effect at still waters and streaking clouds.



NISI Hard GND0.9


3 stop Graduated Neutral Density filters (GND) – Available only for slot systems. They increase the dynamic range of any scene and make it possible to have bright foreground and well exposed skies. They come in hard edge (abrupt graduation) and soft edge (gradual).


Hoya 77mm Circular Polarizing HD




SRP Filters for Phanton 3

The ND/CP is a combination circular polarizer and neutral density filter. A CP filter is used to reduce glare on the surface of water or windows, manage reflections, and increase the contrast between clouds and sky.

ND-filters do not change the way the image looks but how the camera works. By adding an ND-filter we can lower the shutter speed of the DJI Phantom 3 camera. This has two very significant benefits:

1)It makes the video look better by introducing natural motion blur to avoid the “choppy”/”staccato” video-look when shooting in daylight.

2)It can eliminate or reduce “jello” effect caused by high shutter speed + micro-vibrations in cameras like the DJI cameras or GoPro-cameras that use a ‘rolling shutter’.

P3 Series ND8/CP Filter                                                        p3-series-nd8cp-in-the-box 

           P3 Series ND16/CP Filter               




Other Necessary Accessories


You should have a portable hard drive with at least 100Gb of free memory for winter tours, 200Gb for longer tours or a lot of memory cards.

Cable Release or Intervalometer remote

When you combine the cable release with filters, you can use long exposure techniques as a creative tool. This means your shutter exposures will be more than 30 seconds and will require the use of Bulb mode. Having remotes will make sure you can maximise the technique and filters.


Battery life decreases significantly in cold weather. I always bring along extra batteries .If you only have one battery, keep it in an inner pocket to keep it warm until you need it.

Power Bank External 10000mAh

Since the output port is USB, it can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, and even accessories, or any other 5V USB-charged devices.

Replacement Quick Release Plates

Microfiber Towel

I always carry 4 microfiber towels and they often come in handy in winter. A towel also comes in handy for drying off a wet tripod, drying off wet gear, and shielding the front of the lens from snowflakes between shots.

Headlamps for Night Photography

For night photography, very bright lights aren’t needed. I find a hands-free headlamp useful  when packing up, and when checking the ground to make sure I didn’t leave something behind.


Camera Bags



Pro Trekker 650 AW



DroneGuard CS 400



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