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If you love taking pictures and you know which type of traveller you are,
a luxury -lover, an adventure seeker or an organised explorer, come and
join me at my workshops worldwide

November 15 - November 23
Ένα προσεκτικά σχεδιασμένο ταξίδι όπου συνδυάζει την ιστορία, την περιπέτεια ,την γεύση και το άρωμα της
October 2 - October 9
Photo tour to Madeira 2024, among scenic mountain ridges, breathtaking cliffs and pictoresque villages for an


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It's not easy to find true passion in life but i consider myself a lucky man even
though many people would say that i was too late.Let me inspire you whenever
you're filing lost or empty.If you know what your dream is, go after it. You only
regret what you don't try

Luxury Hotel and Villa Photography

Your clients aren't booking a room;
they're booking an experience.

Photographing the essence of your unique resort or hotel is our specialty. We
understand lighting and know the right time to photograph, when to add more
light, and how to finesse the details in each image.
We can shoot interiors and exteriors, both with or without people

Food Photography

First we eat then we do
everything else

Creative mindset and deep knowledge combined with state of the art photographic equipment
brings the best photographic results to my food photography projects. I know how
to pose the right propping, food styling and lighting in
order to bring out mouthwatering photos for menus, catalogues and instagram.